We are so incredibly excited!! We opened our little seed box Thursday morning to find this!
Just in case you can't see it, four seeds had begun to sprout (the girls were drawing numbers 15 and 19 when I took this picture)!! YAY!! Although we have had to delay a few of our activities by a couple of days because of the slow sprouting, we have been able to move right along with our experimentation. We were so thrilled!

Here are the girls started on the second experiment - seeds sprouting in light versus dark conditions. Since then we have also added seeds in four environments - under water, dry, wet but covered, and wet and exposed. As soon as we get enough activity from our first seeds, we will be analyzing how sprouts grow in crowded versus roomy environments. I haven't previewed more of next week's activities yet, but we are praying we will be able to move through each activity easily now that we have seen some viability in the seeds.


Ruthanne said…
How fun! Tons of spiritual lessons involved in these types of activities. :D
Luke Holzmann said…
May your sprouts keep sprouting [smile]. Very cool stuff in that year of science...

Ruthanne, you are so right! I have already started taking notes for what will probably be several blog posts (if I ever get the chance to write them! HA!).

Thanks, Luke! It is definitely a big jump in challenge from Core 2, but the girls and I are just eating it up. It really shows when we plan to take a day off school and my girls say, "Can we just do science and history and take the day off from the rest?" :-)
Choate Family said…
Loved this TOPS study! Our sprouts were slow, too :-)

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