Celebrating Steven

When Steven says, “That’s just what I wanted!” to nearly everything that comes his way – even naptime – you know he’s had a good day!  So, I think it’s safe to say he had a good birthday yesterday!

It all actually started on Monday.  First thing Monday morning, we encouraged Steven and the girls (with Daddy’s ingenious help) to set the train tracks up in the living room.  Meanwhile, I decorated a Harvey Puppy cake and ice cream cone cupcakes.

Bday 3  (The colors didn’t come out nearly as close to Harvey as I’d hoped, but Steven loved it – that’s all that matters!)Bday 2 Bday 1

Then, Grandma and PopPop came to take him out for lunch and give him his birthday present.  We met them at McDonald’s (his choice, since Larry’s Pizza was closed) for lunch and then came home for cupcakes and play time. 

Steven chose to have the cupcakes first – he handed them out like a perfect little host!

Bday 5Then he opened his gift bag from Grandma and PopPop – a new Mater that fits with his train set!  (Hmmm…wonder why we made sure it was set up that morning.)  He was so excited!  (Mater’s in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture.)

Bday 6But, the fun didn’t end there.  Not long after Grandma and PopPop left, Aunt Alli arrived.  Steven has in the past not had much to do with Aunt Alli without some strong “encouragement”.  But, it appears that Aunt Alli has now been fully accepted.  In fact, not long after she got here, Doug and I were kicked out the door to go run some errands so the kids could be home alone with Aunt Alli!  She even was asked to read him a bedtime story.

Bday 7Such a fun day, and his birthday hadn’t even arrived yet…

Tuesday morning he woke up and informed us that he was still three because he’d not yet had his birthday cake.  Nothing we said would convince him that he was already four! 

Per his request, we had pancakes for breakfast.  Then we played and ran a few errands until lunch – mac-n-cheese with Polish sausages and carrot sticks, again per his request. 

Finally, it was cake and present time.   He chose presents first, so he got the first two…

A ball glove from his sisters so he doesn’t have to use Olivia’s leftie glove anymore!

Bday 10And a tublah (drum) from Nanny & Papaw in Jordan.  Look at that grin!!!  We might be in trouble!

Bday 11Then cake…

Bday 8And then we brought in the big surprise.  I love the look on his face when he first saw it!

Bday 12His very own boy bike!!!  He’s been riding Angela’s hand-me-down pink and purple bike.  Oh, was he ever excited!  The training wheels bent just a bit in the trunk of the car – just enough to hold the back wheel off the ground.  So, he can sit on it and pedal away!  A great thing for this active boy while we wait for the 100 degree temps to ease off!

Bday 13When all was said and done, Steven exclaimed, “Now  I’m four!!”    


What great birthday posts - both of them :D

And Happy Birthday to Steven. Love the "I'm not four until I get my cake" mentality... it's all about the party sometimes.


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