Ah, summer.  How greatly we are looking forward to your end!

Reading a friend’s blog post today was quite enlightening.  She had heard a report indicating that Arkansas was the hottest spot on earth on Monday of this week.  True or not, I know it was hot.  And I mean really, really hot. 

So, we’ve been in survival mode. 

Last week it was VBS.  I do have pictures, but they are still on my camera.  This week it’s the heat wave.  Hopefully by next week we’ll actually be able to enjoy ourselves a little bit!

We are finally at the end of the school year!  I have given the girls a list of independent work they need to finish up, and then we’re done.  A week earlier than expected, I might add!  Well, actually, we do still have one last read-aloud…like that’s going to be a problem! 

If I had actually followed through with my good intentions, we’d be ready to start school back right after a couple of weeks off.  Unfortunately, I am not prepared.  Sad, I know.  So, I don’t know when we’ll officially start Core 4.  There will be work for me to give them while they wait, though, so no one will go stark-raving mad in the interim! 

So, the goals for the rest of this week?  1) Continue to survive the heat (which is hopefully going to barely edge back down into double digits this weekend – yay!).  2) Catalog and box up Core 3.  3) Get real blog posts with pictures up on this blog.  4) Get ready for my baby boy to turn four!  (I’m not sure that last one is possible – can I really ever be ready for him to grow up?  But, since he’s going to do it whether I’m ready or not…I guess we’ll celebrate it!)


Stephanie Kay said…
My baby girl turns 4 on the 29th. How is it possible?! I haven't even started thinking about how we will celebrate. I should probably do that, huh? :)
Mandy said…
That's crazy... he is growing up, Mamma!

I love hearing about your homeschooling stuff - somewhere deep inside of me there is a homeschooling mom... she just hasn't made her way to the surface. lol :)

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