Greetings from Almyra, AR!

Yes, we are moved!  And thanks to an amazing amount of help, we are seeing great progress toward being settled as well!

Move day was last Thursday.  We were all up bright and early taking care of last minute stuff before the caravan from Almyra arrived.  Steven got to load one of the first things onto the truck – his tool chest full of tools and cars.  He was so excited!

Moving 5

The kids enjoyed playing in and around the truck and “helping” Doug while we got started. 

Moving 4Once everyone arrived, though, they sat down to watch the DVD of Pixar Shorts we’d rented just for the occasion.  They were good as gold the whole time, allowing me to focus on work. 

Moving 3

Our help was amazing.  They had everything out of the house and loaded in two hours!!  Definitely a HUGE record-breaker for any Hibbard family move.  This is just part of the crew…

Moving 2

But, the help wasn’t only on the load end.  By the time we got to Almyra – around 11:30 – we had lunch waiting for us, and more help ready to go to work.  The trucks were unloaded in record time as well, and by the time the last person left around 4:00 the kitchen was half unpacked, all the beds were set up and made, and there was enough space to truly maneuver around the house and for the kids to even play in their rooms!

The kids spent the afternoon with Mrs. Joyce, a sweet lady from church, and had a fantastic time.  It was such a blessing for them to be able to come home to sanity in their new rooms. 

(The girls in Angie’s room.)Moving 1

Somehow I missed getting a picture of Steven’s room Thursday night.  There was one big thing he really, really needed to be able to do to feel at home – set up his train set.  As soon as he saw the house and open floor space (before everything was carried in), he was ready to set up his train set!  How delighted were we all when, almost as soon as he got home, he was able to set up that train set in his room!  He had it running across the whole floor, under the train table, and under his bed.  He has since taken it apart so as to have room to play with Legos. 

A HUGE thank you must go out to everyone who helped with lifting, unpacking, kid watching, food providing, and everything else that has helped make this an incredibly smooth move!

We’ve seen God’s little blessings and guidance throughout this move.  I can’t wait to share them with you…soon!


Gotta love all those helping hands!

Choate Family said…
Yay for answered prayers!

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