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For Today...Monday, August 16,2010

Outside my window...summer night, slightly less warm than most nights lately, thanks to the steady breeze from the north that has blown all day,  What a blessing the break in the heat has been!  Rather amazing that I could be thankful for a day in the mid to upper 90’s!

I am thinking...mainly about packing, to be honest.

I am thankful for...the “cooler” day; an email from my friend Joanna who has not had email access for so incredibly long it seems! I’ve missed her!  Oh, and no heat advisory for the first time in I don’t know how long!

I am pajamas.

I am creating...a packed house.

I am remembering...other moves – and trying to figure out how to make this one better.

I am sleep well tonight, I hope!

I am reading...nothing, sadly. Looking forward to getting back to reading once this move is over.

I am hearing... the sound of the fan in our room.

On my mind...situations that need much prayer.

From the learning rooms...we finished Core 3 just in time to start packing.  We’ll be starting Core 4 just as soon as we get unpacked and I can get a handle on what we’re doing.

Noticing that...I forgot a blanket when I was packing the blanket tub earlier.

Around the house...boxes, tubs, and more boxes.  (Have I mentioned  I’m packing?)

One of my favorite things...snuggles, which I got with all three of my kids tonight and will probably have with my hubby soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week...packing, packing, packing, and then hopefully taking a break from packing on Saturday to help celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

Extra note…okay, so I know I haven’t mentioned the move on here before today!  We wanted to wait and give as many people from our church as possible the chance to find out about the move before we broadcasted it online.  I just blogged about it on Ann’s Thoughts a little while ago, so if you’re curious, just click here. And, as I have more coherent thoughts, I will share more information!


Oh Ann!

so this move isn't just to a different house, but to a different community and church?

Is this a new position for Doug?

Wishing you all a peaceful move with lots of good help!

Yes, this is a complete and total move - something we've done a lot of, but are hoping this will be the last for a while. It is a new pastorate position. We're really, really excited. A caravan from the new church is coming a week from Thursday to load us up and get us moved. They're taking a day off harvest to do it (it's a farming community)! I was so floored by their willingness to do that! I'm praying God overwhelmingly blesses their harvest time.
Doug Hibbard said…
Yep. Changing pastorates. This situation will be more conducive to finishing seminary and a few other things.

Scary times, but good times. Sort of.

Sounds like a warm welcome - missing a full day at harvest time :D

Praying for you all, for a smooth move/adjustment.


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