Grandma Polly – 90 Years!

In all honesty, this blog post is mainly for our memory keepers and for my parents.  You see, my grandma is celebrating 90 years on this earth.  On Saturday we had the privilege of joining much of her immediate family (extending down to great-grandkids) to celebrate 90 years.  Mom and Dad obviously didn’t get to be there, so hopefully they’ll get to smile over these few pictures of the celebration.

Gma 1

There was another really pretty cake, but I didn’t get a good picture before it was cut.  There was some dark green icing on it, though, and Grandma took a lick of it.  The kids just loved the fact that it made her tongue green!  (She thought it was pretty funny, too.)

Gma 3 

Singing happy birthday…

Gma 4

Playing with Aunt Alli…

Gma 5

Meeting new friends (my uncle’s step-granddaughters.  They are SO cute, and the girls hit it off with them almost immediately!)

Gma 2

Happy birthday, Grandma!  We love you! 


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