Adventures at Home

Life is fun around the Hibbard household. Here are a few moments from this week:

  • Angela had another loose tooth – somewhere between her sixth and eighth. I’ve lost count. (Poor middle child.) I offered to pull it for her, but she told me she didn’t think it was ready. Less than thirty minutes later, she walks into the living room, tooth in hand! She was so proud to have pulled her own tooth!
  • Fast-forward a couple of days. Olivia walked in and said, “Mommy, I think I have a loose molar!” Olivia has never grown or lost teeth in their proper order or at the appropriate time, and this molar is no exception. I wiggled it and found that she was right - her one-year molar was getting ready to come out. I just didn’t realize how ready! A couple of hours later, she walks in with her tooth in hand, too, excited to get to really study a molar up close!
  • But, her adventure didn’t end there. She took it to the bathroom to clean the blood off before putting it in the tooth fairy pillow, but she accidentally dropped the tiny tooth down the drain! I assured her that the tooth fairy (if appropriately reminded – she is fully cognizant of just who needed to be reminded) would still come, but she was sad to have lost the tooth. Sure enough, her hero came to the rescue! The tooth had not yet descended into the bowels of the sewer system, so her beloved daddy “rescued” the tooth from the drain.
  • One of Steven’s read-alouds for this week was a cute book entitled Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox! When Steven read the title, he and the girls all three looked at each other and just cracked up laughing. They thought chicken pox sounded like the funniest thing in the world! It was then that I realized something – my three sweeties have absolutely no idea what the chicken pox are! That was bizarre to me. Olivia was in one of the earliest waves of “general public” children to be vaccinated. In fact, I remember wondering if I should even bother. I mean, isn’t a bout of chicken pox just part of childhood? Not anymore! Apparently it’s not even in their vocabulary!
  • And finally, there’s a cat story. Sometimes we leave the van windows open. Almost every time we do so, at least one cat becomes convinced that the van is the place to be.  The windows don’t even have to be rolled all the way down. Just five or six inches is enough. Well, earlier today as we were tidying the garage, the van was in the driveway, the windows were down, and both Jack and Mina had been inside. But, Doug had taken the borrowed tractor back out to the Hillman farm, and we needed to go pick him up. So, we chased out all of the cats and climbed in the van. We rolled up the windows simply because we were headed down a gravel road and didn’t want to suffocate from the dust. A little while later after we were back home, Doug and the kids were out in the garden and I was alone in the garage sweeping when I heard a noise by the van. I looked up to discover that Jack had jumped up on the van expecting an open window. Instead, he got up on the side mirror and had nowhere to go! Starting to slide, he grabbed hold of the mirror with both paws and ended up hanging by his paws from the mirror before he finally let loose and fell (unharmed – just startled) back to the ground! I so wish I’d been able to get a picture, but it all happened too quickly. Besides, I was too busy laughing at him! It was like a scene from a cartoon!

And that, my friends, is a sample of this week’s adventures. Tune in again next week – I’m sure there will be more humor to share!


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