Adventures at Home

Okay, so maybe this week wasn’t quite so adventuresome, but I enjoyed writing last week’s post. So, here we go again! 

  • We’ve all been a little under the weather this week. Not feeling poorly enough to call ourselves sick, but definitely lacking our normal sense of good health. But early in the week, the weather turned, and it became perfect “snuggle in front of the fireplace” weather! Oh, and we got rain!!! A whole day of it! It was absolutely wonderful! We lit our first fire in the fireplace, and the kids pulled out the warm blankets. It wasn’t really that frigid, but we just had to take advantage of the cool down. Here they are under a blanket watching their science Discover & Do episode for the week. Adv2 Every morning this week, they’ve each chosen a spot on the couch or in the recliner with their big, comfy blankets. It’s about to get warm again, but we sure have enjoyed this week!
  • This one’s actually from last week – but it didn’t happen until Saturday night, so it didn’t get included in last week’s post! Doug and I spent date night experimenting with meat balls. Or, rather, Doug experimented, and I recorded the process/recipes and “judged” his experimentations. After six different attempts, we decided that number three was the best – a delicious blend of flavors that started with sweetness, but then progressed into pure heat. I’mAdv1 not one who likes spicy heat that takes away all sense of taste. I like heat that allows you to still taste flavors. That’s what these were. YUM!  I’ll let Doug decide whether or not he’s going to share his secret recipe! Smile
  • And then there’s another cat story. I think these cats are going to drive me insane!! We noticed Saturday afternoon that we hadn’t seen Smokey since early in our garage workday. But, she sometimes disappears for a day or two and then shows back up when she’s hungry, so we didn’t worry too much about it. When she wasn’t back on Monday, I began to have this nagging thought that we’d trapped her somewhere. I double-checked our van and car, listened in the attic, checked closets, etc., but I didn’t find her. Out of ideas, I just figured we had to wait. By Wednesday I was pretty sure we’d lost her for good this time. We wouldn’t mind having fewer cats, but she’s not the one we’d have given up first. She’s the easiest, lowest maintenance cat we have! Well, Thursday evening, the end of day six, I had my Pampered Chef party. When Doug got home from work he didn’t want to block anyone in, so he pulled the van into the yard and parked behind the carport for the church van. As the headlights illuminated the back of the church van, he noticed the silhouette of a cat through the back windows! Sure enough, there was Smokey, locked in the church van! Doug had opened the van for just a few minutes on Saturday to take care of something. Apparently in those few minutes, Smokey climbed right in and made herself at home. Unfortunately, that meant she had to be “at home” for six days and five nights!! Fortunately, the “low maintenance” part of her that makes her such an easy cat helped in this situation, too. There wasn’t a scratch on any seats or anywhere else in the van, and she didn’t even really make much of a mess either. Needless to say, she’s glad to be home!


Glad you got some rain and some cozy, snuggle time! And what a relief about the cat,


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