Woo Pig Souieeeeee!

In case you hadn’t noticed from prior blog posts, our family does enjoy college football. We try to keep it from being too huge of a deal, but we have fun being fans.

Several of our friends are Auburn fans, and in the past year or so Steven has decided that he, too, is an Auburn fan. So, most weeks he wants updates on both the Razorbacks and the Auburn Tigers. But, there is one week every year when he has to pick…and tomorrow is that day. The Tigers head up to Fayetteville to play the Razorbacks tomorrow evening.

So, as we’re heading home from OBU Homecoming, we’ll probably be catching the start of the AR-Auburn game on the radio. Just in case there is any doubt who Steven will be rooting for…


Oh, he is too cute! Woo Pig Souieee :D

Julie, you made my day with that comment! :-) Welcome back - can't wait to catch up on the Great Grasshopper Road Trip!

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