Prospect Bluff Day Parade

Last Saturday could not have been more perfect. The weather was beautiful, the skies were clear…and the convertible was red! My grandmother’s favorite color is red. So, what could be more fitting than for her and Grandpa to ride through town in the back seat of a bright red convertible!


We all stationed ourselves at the tail end of the parade route. We found a place that was completely uncrowded where we knew Grandma and Grandpa could see us. “We” included Mom and Dad, Ben, Ashley, Abigail, Alli, and my family. My sister-in-law DeAnn drifted off somewhere else with her parents (Tim had to work, but came later for his share of family time!).


Sure enough, I loved the proud look on Grandpa’s face when he realized he was passing his family. His eyesight grows steadily weaker, but I could tell he knew it was us.


The parade was relatively short – a couple of small bands, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Fire trucks and various other vehicles, including some nice-looking older models and a horse-drawn cart.


And, of course, lots and lots of candy thrown into the streets for the kids to gather!

Thanks, Judsonia, for honoring my grandparents!



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