Love & Growing Up

My children are not always nice to each other. But, they really do love each other. I want to remember the little things they do to show that love to each other.

This morning was one such incident that I want to remember.

Steven was the last one out of bed, which is really rare for him. He’s usually first of the kids to awaken. But, this morning as he stumbled into the kitchen, I took one look at him and knew he wasn’t himself. I picked him up and heat radiated from his body to mine. So, while Doug finished working on breakfast for everyone, I headed to the bathroom with Steven for a temp check, the normal round of specific questions to help nail down what might be wrong with a  five-year-old, and a dose of Tylenol.

After breakfast, I walked into the kitchen to find Olivia emptying the dishwasher. Now, Olivia has her own Tuesday morning chore. She and Angie clean the bathrooms once a week. Emptying the dishwasher in the mornings is Steven’s job. But, here she was, emptying it for him in addition to her own work. Doing it without being asked and without a single complaint. I said something about it, and she responded by informing me that Steven was sick and shouldn’t have to do chores.

My children love each other AND my big girl is growing up. I love being a mommy!


Choate Family said…
Your kids have a great example in their selfless mom!

Well done mom AND well done Olivia. And how is Steven feeling?
Thank you, my friends. And, Steven has fully recovered! Just two days of fever and one more day of reduced appetite, and then he was fine!

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