Thanksgiving 2

Our second Thanksgiving celebration was on Friday with the Browning side of the family. I got some group pictures, but none of them really turned out. But, we had a good crowd. My grandparents, parents, aunt and uncle, and a couple that has been close to our family for as long as I can remember were there. Then there were four of the five siblings and their spouses, and we can’t forget Abigail!

A Browning Thanksgiving celebration involves lots of potluck food, Mom’s pretty tables (I only got a picture of the kids’ table – I should have gotten all of them!)…


…at least a few games, and fun visiting, snuggling, and playing. 2TG3



Oh, and this year involved getting to ride around – or in Livie’s case, drive – in Grandpa’s golf cart! (No, Grandpa doesn’t play golf, but this cart does help him get around all of our property a little easier.)


For quite some time now, we have taken a picture of Olivia and Grandma side by side with each visit, marking how close Olivia was to being as tall as Grandma. This time, she’d made it! In fact, she’s about an eighth of an inch taller. That was a proud moment for Olivia. Her next target…Aunt Alli. Then me. I’m getting a bit nervous!


Finally, the family pictures. It was a pretty enough day to get us all out on the front porch for this year’s pictures!




Another fun family day!


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