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That’s what this blog will probably be for the rest of the week. Monday and Tuesday we were visiting the Monroe Hibbards. We got home last night, and then today Doug and I started tackling this…

Mill Bayou-20111228-00040

Actually, when we started the tackling it didn’t look this bad. But, it’s one of those “gonna look a whole lot worse before it gets better” situations. The whole school room needed to be purged, organized, and put back together. This picture was taken two hours ago, and the main part of the room still looks about the same. But, the cubby area behind those bookshelves is organized, including finally getting the chalkboard and whiteboard mounted, sorting through and organizing all of our flashcards, and setting up the keyboard. The bookshelf that can’t be seen in this shot has been redone, and the shelf you can see in this shot is complete with the exception of the reorganization of Steven’s readers which take up about a third of one shelf. Some of the tubs in the picture are organized, labeled, and ready to put away as soon as the hall closet is cleaned out and prepared for them. All of the crates have been cleaned out, sorted, and reorganized. And, the two cabinets by the door have been cleaned out and are in the process of being restored to order.

Ahhhhh…I needed that. As I’m sitting in the middle of the chaos, it feels as if I’ve done so little because it still looks like that picture. But, I knew that listing what has been accomplished would help me refocus and get back to work.

Once all of this is done, the Christmas decorations are going to be put away and a few other “before school starts back” tasks are going to be tackled. So, if you don’t hear from me for a few more days, we’re still alive! Just restoring life to our style of normal!


Well done! I love purging and organizing, so you're singing my song ;D


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