Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, December 12, 2011

Outside my window...increasing cloudiness after a bright, sunshiny morning. A very slight breeze occasionally stirs the leaves of the trees in the front yard, but mostly it is still and chilly.

I am thinking...about motives behind decisions. Praying that mine are honorable.

I am thankful for...attentive children who are learning so much by their observations of life.

I am wearing...jeans, suede shirt, warm house shoes.

I am’ calendars, a lapdesk design for the girls to make for Steven, and ideas for making a new gown for Olivia, who is outgrowing everything!

I am remembering...that there is so much bitterness and hopelessness when a heart rejects, refuses, and lives without the presence of the one true God. My heart aches for the many who live that life.

I am have to get busy if I’m to have a productive afternoon.

I am reading...just finished Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy for tomorrow’s Joy of Writing review. Compelling novel.

I am hoping...for some miracles. And smiling because I know that hope in Christ is never empty.

I am hearing...a clock ticking; Doug’s side of his phone conversation; keyboard keys tapping; the heater blowing (so thankful for a functional heater!).

On my mind...the reminder that the best thing we can ever do is pray. All else comprises lesser actions.

From the learning rooms...another light week. Finishing World War II and learning a little more about energy. Olivia’s finishing a language arts book this week.

Noticing that...God’s peace is a really strange thing and almost impossible to explain. In fact, it’s downright contradictory when you try to explain it to someone who’s never experienced it!

Pondering these words…(the inspiration for the above noticings) “Despite anxiety that robbed cravings for even one Neiman Marcus cookie, Gloria’s peace matched the idyllic Baylor setting.”  ~quote from Reclaiming Lily by Patti Lacy. I’ve known that anxiety that robs even my desire for my favorite comfort foods. And I’ve known the peace that can exist even in the same moment. It’s an amazing thing.

From the kitchen...leftovers for lunch. Plans this afternoon to make bread and a dessert for tonight’s Sunday school class party.

Around the house...peaceful afternoon rest time. I love this time of day! Not because it’s a “break” from children, but because I know my family has the freedom to enjoy a peaceful time of rest every day.

One of my favorite things...I guess rest time would be the appropriate answer!

A few plans for the rest of the tonight, a few “extras” for the week that mainly involve Doug, and otherwise life as usual for the rest of the week. Hopefully including the completion of Christmas projects!

A picture worth I love the way these girls love each other!100_9961


Choate Family said…
I can't imagine your motives being anything but honorable, friend!
Hurray for quiet time in the house :D

the girls look ADORABLE,


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