We’ve talked for several years – I think since we lived in Horn Lake! – about trying to make a nativity display of some sort for our front yard. We’ve gone back and forth about how to do it, and up until this year we’ve ended up rejecting all our ideas, realizing we just didn’t have the know-how and skills required to pull them off.

But this year we had a new thought: outline the manger scene in white lights. We were just confident enough that we could pull it off that we went ahead and picked up some wafer board to work with.

Olivia got the project started off with four or five coats of primer/sealer on the wafer board, both to give it a solid white color and to hopefully give it some protection from the weather. It took several weeks, trying to find times when it wasn’t too wet or too cold to finish the job. But, last week she finally was able to get the last coat of primer on the board.


Then it was up to Doug and me to create the design. Last Friday night, right before the last wave of rain and cold hit, we spent date night creating the manger scene out of white lights. Project3

Then came the challenge of deciding where to put it to keep it as un-flooded as possible during the deluge we were expecting over the weekend, as well as the challenge of figuring out how to create a support for the heavy wafer board. Of course, my brilliant husband mastered both with ease.


Not having the expertise to take night photos well, this picture doesn’t really do it justice. But, we’re excited that it actually turned out! We’ve even been told that it can be seen clearly from the highway. Fun!



Linda Haislip said…
Yall are way to creative. Love it!
I love it! Looks great :D

Choate Family said…
What a great date night!

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