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Once kids start getting bigger, it’s hard to remember to pull out the camera. They do a lot of awesome, fun stuff, but somehow it’s not the same as when they’re little and everything they do seems picture-worthy. I really want to try to take more pictures just because they still change so quickly!!

Here are a few from our trip to Judsonia last week.

Angie, Abigail, and Steven playing


She said, “Cheese!” How could I resist?!


Steven & Angie enjoyed the game box.


They love each other!


How did I not get any pictures of Olivia?!?! I think it’s because she was always hanging around with the adults. She’s in that in-between phase where she’s still a kid but is really drawn to grown-up things. I remember that phase. I am trying to give her opportunities to be a little more grown up while encouraging her to still be a kid, too!

I intended to take a lot of pictures of the kids playing on Tuesday, but somehow I let the day get past me. Here, though, they were all in one place watching Bugs Bunny for a few minutes – well, all except the youngest who was taking a nap…

Mill Bayou-20120313-00092

And no, Steven didn’t feel excluded. He just needed a few minutes of down-time – and uncontested control of the remote!

Then there’s this one…we’d gone up to the church to play away from the swamp that was our yard. Olivia and Angela walked little Joey all the way home. So sweet!

Mill Bayou-20120313-00093


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