What a Week!

Every day this week I have intended to sit down and write a post. Yep, it’s been that kind of week!

The baby girl who was supposed to arrive by c-section on Thursday decided to come two days early. So, her four big brothers arrived Tuesday morning instead of Wednesday night. It was a lot louder than usual in my house with five boys and two girls than it typically is with two girls and one boy, but it really was a good day. They were such well-behaved boys, and we hardly had any fighting or clashing of wills at all through the day. That’s pretty amazing for a day when seven kids are cooped up under one roof for the day! We were all pretty tired by the end of the day, but we were thankful for a good day.

The rest of the week has just flown by. Last weekend my task was spring cleaning in the kids rooms (which are still clean a week later! That might be a record!). This week it was pulling out summer clothes. We went from mild winter where lightweight long sleeve shirts were okay to warm and sticky pretty quickly. The kids always have short sleeves in their drawers, but this week even long pants have been too warm! So, getting out the summer clothes was urgent!

In all honesty, I expected to have to do a good bit of shopping this year because I knew many of their clothes were hitting their limits last summer. Or so I thought. As we started going through their clothes, things that I just knew were going to be too small still fit beautifully!! Even with all of the massive and measured growth spurts! I can’t explain it! I think God miraculously grew the clothes with the kids. Needless to say, they were as thrilled as I was because that meant some of their favorite clothes still fit. Steven needs another pair of jean shorts, and each child will probably need one new pair of shoes of some sort before the summer’s out. Yep, that’s it. I’m still in shock! And so incredibly thankful!

I think I have some pictures from the week on the cameras – I’ll try to post them tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep smiling with thankfulness. God’s provision truly is perfect. Now if I will just continue to remember that before the evidence comes through!


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