Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, March 12, 2012

Outside my window...clouds trying to clear away. I see little patches of blue! Oh, and birds. They are loud today. Oh, and peach blossoms! In fact, every one of our six peach and apples trees are showing signs of life! I love it!

I am thinking...about what’s right in front of me. No mental multi-tasking going on with me today!

I am thankful for...the prompting of the Lord to take this whole month off. Looking back over the past two weeks, just a couple of weeks wouldn’t have been enough. We’ve really needed this!

I am wearing...jeans and a pink short-sleeve top with a white inset collar.

I am creating...nothing really this week. Just continuing to plug through the Big March List.

I am remembering...some emails I’ve neglected to respond to.

I am teach Olivia to play nerts during our “Mommy-Livie” time today. I’m sure she’ll start beating me very quickly.

I am reading...Trained in the Fear of God, a compilation of chapters dealing with guiding the church toward teaching families how to disciple their children.

I am hoping...that sorting through the kids’ summer clothes goes quickly. I usually try to get that done before the need is pressing, but since we haven’t had a winter this year, we’ve not really even had much chance to wear the warm clothes!

I am hearing...much quiet. The kids have been playing quite nicely this morning.

On my mind...the week.

Noticing that...there will never be a week that goes exactly as planned. I think that might be too boring anyway!

Pondering these words...Biblical revelation provides us with many things to understand, some of which will require a lifetime of learning. But it also reminds us that God has not disclosed everything (Deut. 29:29). At some point God demands our trust and obedience, not merely our evaluation and understanding. ~ D.A. Carson

From the kitchen...teaching the kids how to make chicken pot pie.

Around the house...a box of brand new school books just waiting to be explored! I am resisting the temptation. There are several other things that MUST be accomplished first. Makes for some great motivation!

A favorite thing from last week...Grandma’s funeral service. It really was a precious service – more smiling and chuckling than tears.

A few plans for the rest of the week…continuing to work through the List; a full house Wed night and Thurs morning with four extra boys while their parents go to welcome their new baby sister into the world!

A picture worth sharing...just chilling together. I love that my kids love to be together!



Hi Ann,

A month off sure sounds LOVELY! I'd be happy for a week off, but not quite yet...

Again, my sympathy about your grandma, but what a joy to have such happy memories.


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