Steven’s New Book

On Saturday when he and Doug finished their projects, Steven popped into the school room where I was writing and excitedly said, “I'm going to start a Hardy Boys book today!”

Immediately, this mama's heart cringed. I was so thrilled about his excitement, but Hardy Boys? That's not quite where I wanted my five-year-old to start! I had already told him that he could grab a Boxcar Children or Magic Treehouse book whenever he was ready for a challenge.

As much as I hated it, we had to have a little talk about his book choice. This was his response:


But then the more I tried to take pictures of his pouty, tear-stained face, the more he couldn't keep from laughing.


And then Angela brought him the first Boxcar Children's book, and he decided it wasn't so bad after all!


And here we go...there's no stopping him now! But, I am going to insist that he read all of the Boxcar Children, Magic Treehouse, and Little House on the Prairie books that we have before diving into Hardy Boys.

I'm just mean like that!


Good decision... there's lots and lots of time. Enjoy the "little kid" books before he leaps into "teen scene" books!

So cute, though ;D


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