Project Day

Saturday was project day!

I didn’t get pictures of Doug and Steven putting together a little wooden school bus. Steven had gotten it for Christmas, and they started today building that.

Then Doug started working down his project list, which started with putting together a new shelf unit for the kitchen (and moved on from there to include changing the oil in the vehicles and other such not quite fun things!). Steven was proud to help!


He was even prouder when he discovered he could screw in the poles all by himself! Well, with the help of the tongue, that is. Smile I just love that tongue sticking out!


Finally, after they moved it to the kitchen, Steven got to test all of the shelves to make sure they were level.


The girls, meanwhile, had a project of their own. Thanks to a lady at church, every few weeks they get a package in the mail with two craft projects. It’s perfect for them because they are all things they can do themselves! And, it’s perfect for me because I don’t have to mess with it at all! Yes, I love to sew and make certain things, but I do not like crafts!!!!! Some of my Home Educating Family friends and I have joked that the thought of crafts makes us break out in hives! But, my girls do enjoy them. So, this lets them craft to their hearts content!

The most recent package had a clip board to decorate and a package of ribbons and beads for making a door screen. They decided to start with the door screen, which is going in Olivia’s doorway (since Angela has a Cinderella hanger on her door already).


And here’s the end result!


As for me, none of my projects were photo-worthy. Writing projects, turning a pair of workout pants into workout shorts, reading to the kids (I guess that would have been photo-worthy, but I was behind a book instead of behind a camera!), etc. All in all, a good day!


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