Doug found the camera! YAY! So, now I can share our rearrangement activities of last weekend.

But, I have to give the “old” pictures first. They almost make me want to cry! Where did these babies go? I love the ladies they have become, but how I loved those baby girls too!

Anyway…six years ago, we were praying for what to do with the girls’ bedding. They were both using toddler beds. Olivia’s had an extension on it to lengthen it, but we knew we were going to have to make changes. We really wanted a bunkbed. Well, when the Choates were packing up to move to Dallas, they asked if we wanted their bunkbed! YES!

It was red, but we had the bright idea that it would be fun to change it to purple. Out of his incredible love for his girls, Doug went to a great deal of trouble to paint that thing purple. (Yes, that is Angie hiding under blankets on the bottom.)


Look at those happy little faces!


Okay – nostalgic looking back accomplished. Let’s return to the present.

When we moved here, we decided to give the girls their own rooms for the first time. What a delight to have the space to spread out like that! But, that meant saying goodbye to the bunkbed. Olivia got a double bed (and later the antique set) in her room, and Angela and Steven each got one bunk of Steven’s bunkbed set. The purple bunkbed waited in the garage for its new home with some friends.

But, it never worked out for those friends to get the bunkbed, and just recently God provided for them another way. About the same time, Steven randomly popped up saying he wanted a bunkbed!

So, once again Daddy jumped in and painted the frame – this time back to red!


We plopped his twin mattress on top and our old futon mattress on the bottom for a play space. He’s so very excited!

Meanwhile, we had both an unused bed frame (the twin bed Steven has been sleeping on) and one room that had not received much of an upgrade since we’ve lived here (Angie’s).

After some extended brainstorming, we came up with a semi-loft idea for Angela. She is thrilled!


She has a little “room” underneath. Those of you who know this stinker personally know that she likes to retreat quite regularly. This little “Angie fort” is perfect for her! She has her chair, and a light. I might stick a little bookshelf under there for her at some point. And, for her birthday or Christmas I plan to find the perfect material (probably something Hello Kitty that will also match the bedspread, if possible) to create a curtain to go across the front. Shhhhh…don’t tell her!


Olivia was a little melancholy that she didn’t get any major change this time, but I just reminded her that she had the beautiful antique set. She loves it and has no desire to give that up! But, we might just have to rearrange it a little bit in another month or two just to freshen things up for her. And, Doug and I are due a rearrangement as well. Oh how I love creating “new” even in the midst of the familiar!


Summer said…
It is a blessing to be thankful for what we have and rearranging is a great way to "bring back the flavor". It is such a blessing to have space.
What a blessing to have a place to live with running water and AC. Oh, where did that come from? My heart, I guess. Thanks for sharing your family.
Summer, I love your comment, especially knowing everything you're dealing with right now. Thankfulness makes such an impact - I want to always remember that, no matter what we have or don't have!
Choate Family said…
Love those bunk beds! They were such a blessing to us, and it's fun to see how you guys are using them :-)
I love to rearrange things too :D You did a great job making special places for each of your kiddos :D


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