Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, June 25, 2012

In the great’s hot, but we’re getting to “enjoy” something we don’t find in Arkansas – relatively dry heat! It is 100 degrees, according to my phone, but I was just outside in the shade for several minutes and it was not uncomfortable. The Weather Channel claims that today’s humidity is at 36%! Amazing how much more bearable 100 degrees can be at 36% than at 96% humidity!

A heart of thanksgiving...for two of our older ladies from church who have been sick for so long but have been able to come back to church! One has been back two Sundays in a row, and the second one was back yesterday with her full dose of zest for life!

A heart of prayer...for rain. I love the dry air, but we so desperately need rain.

Random observations…it’s amazing what God can do with our days when we let Him have them.

Thoughts from the kitchen...a steak lunch. Wow! Doug went and got some steaks and brown bread, came home and grilled them, added on some broccoli and cheese fries – better than any trip to Outback! It was a celebratory meal. The most recent copy of Home Educating Family Magazine was in the mail today, and my first ever magazine article was published in it! I’m so excited!

On my bookshelf...a book entitled The Book of Books: The Bible Retold that I must review this week. I’m not looking forward to writing this review because I cannot think of a single good thing to say about the book. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book that frustrated me so greatly. I greatly appreciate prayers as I tackle the review this evening.

Projects...the napkins are coming along so nicely! Between my Shape Cut ruler and the hemmer foot, this project is going quickly and easily. If I had a day to devote to the project, I could probably whip out enough napkins to last our family a week. So much fun!

Sounds of the moment...a lawn mower outside. The soft clicking of the ceiling fan and whir of the computer. Steven is napping and the girls are finishing school work, so the house is nice and quiet.

Last week we learned...just how creative we can be when the need for change hits. Both Steven and Angie have new room arrangements. Pictures coming soon!

A favorite thing from last week...watching Steven missing his big sister as she spent each morning in sewing camp. This morning the two of them were clashing, but more often than not I see evidence that they really, really do love each other.

The and the pool, Health Fair on Thursday morning, a visit with our dear friend Vickie Thurs afternoon (I can’t believe how long it’s been since we’ve seen her!!!), and then on Friday Doug and I get an away-from-home date! We’re going to see Tim Hawkins in Little Rock. Meanwhile, the kids get to spend Friday night at the Stones’ house, so they’re pretty excited too.

Because visuals are fun...and in honor of our upcoming date…here are a couple of fun Tim Hawkins videos (it was hard to pick just two!).


Have fun at Tim Hawkins! Sounds like a hoot ;D


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