New Dresses

What’s this? Three days in a row of blogging?! What’s this world coming to? I was going to share our weekend rearranging fun. But, alas, I can’t find the camera!! Fortunately, since I haven’t been too faithful keeping the blog up to date, I do have a bit of a stash of pictures to share.

Does this dress not fit Angie’s personality perfectly? Our sweet friend Mary Ann had made it for display at work, and when it was no longer needed, she offered it to us for Angela. The fact that it came with a matching doll dress made it that much more perfect! And to top it off, the dress fits not one but three of her dolls, although it is a little short on Ella the sock doll. Obviously, this is one happy camper! 



Choate Family said…
So cute! (Both the dress and the girl)

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