Precious Friends

I’ve turned into such a slooooow blogger! I can’t believe it’s been over three weeks since our visit with the Choates, and I’m just now getting this post up!

We had been counting down the days since our last visit with them, just before they left the States in 2008. Three years, 11 months. That’s a long wait for a visit with such special friends, but we’ve been so thankful for the ways God has allowed us to stay in touch.

It was so neat to see our children join right in together as if they’d never been apart. We all met at the ball park to watch the Arkansas Travelers play. It was OBU night at the Travs, so our evening began with an OBU Alumni meal.


Then we went and found our seats to watch the game.


Early forecasts for game day showed temps getting up near 100, reminiscent of last year’s miserably hot game night. But, it actually ended up gloriously chilly! We even had to escape raindrops on multiple occasions. The two Olivias were using a jersey and each other to try to keep somewhat warm.


Heading home, our sweet hubbies took six of the seven kids with them so Joanna and I could ride home together with just the sleeping Katherine in the back seat. What a precious visit time! They’re so good to us!

All of our kids like early bedtimes and tend to be early risers. So, the late night and not-so-late morning meant a low-key bunch on Saturday. It was sweet to walk into the school room and see them all stretched out on the couch and mattresses enjoying some rest time together.


On Sunday morning the Choates shared just a little bit in the service, but then we looked forward to hearing more from them in the evening. That afternoon we visited, the kids rested and played, and Olivia and Sarah made cookies for our evening fellowship dinner.


We headed back Sunday night to get ready for our fellowship meal and for the Choates to share with the church about Wycliffe and the ministry in the Solomon Islands.


Joanna even cooked up some pumpkin leaves for people to try! I’m not a greens person, but I thought they were pretty good. Of course, I was also told they tasted nothing like they would have with fresh coconut!

It was pretty late when we got home, but we still had time for a quick story with Daddy/Uncle Doug.


Monday morning Aaron motioned for us to go in and take a peek at the late sleepers. Somehow Katherine and our Olivia ended up sharing a bed! Too sweet!


We sadly had to say goodbye Monday morning. We would have kept them much longer if we could have! But, we did get a little more together time before they left.


I made plans all weekend to get a picture of both families together, but we never did get around to it. Maybe next time! Fortunately, next time doesn’t have to be four years away…at least not yet.


Sure looks like a precious time together :D

Choate Family said…
Ann, our visit was WAY too short, but oh, so sweet. Thank you for making such an effort to keep our friendship alive over so many miles and years!

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