Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, August 6, 2012

In the great outdoors...the sun has already dried up the quick burst of rain that delighted us not too long ago. But there are still some beautiful clouds out there!

A heart of thanksgiving...for flexibility and routine. Contrasting thanksgivings, I know, but both are so wonderful!

A heart of prayer...for various friends and loved ones awaiting doctor’s appointments or information to come back from the doctor.

Random observations...I do so much better when I actually use my to-do list. I haven’t been using it lately.

Thoughts from the kitchen...lunch was leftovers. Not very appetizing leftovers, at that. Proud of us for eating them anyway.

On my bookshelf...The Bible in World History by Stephen Leston. I’m just getting into it, but it’s an interesting approach to history and the beautiful full-color illustrations make it ascetically pleasing as well. Yes, I’m a nerd and proud of it, thank you very much!

Projects...pouches for the kids’ school crates. The pouches will hold their pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, etc. Just another effort at keeping those things organized! I hope to get them made before our school promotion party – I have three weeks and lots of writing to get done in that time frame as well. We’ll see!

Sounds of the, fans, email notifications, distant rumbles of thunder, kids jabbering.

Ooooh – and the email notifications were exciting! The Home Educating Family review site has been under reconstruction for several weeks and the email was about our most recent progress! We’re almost there! I love my “job!”

Last week we learned...that laziness causes lots of trouble! Okay, so we learned academic lessons as well, but a lesson in diligence is a bigger deal, I think. I got behind on some grading, and the girls consequently got lazy in their work. When I sat down to grade, they both got several LOW grades because they missed some things and just chose not to do others – very atypical for them! Hopefully we’ll be back to diligence this week (Mommy included!).

A favorite thing from last week...discovering a cake I enjoyed! I’m not a big cake person. I do love Italian cream cake, and I like a good ooey gooey cake that has to practically be spooned out of the pan. But, most cakes I can turn down. I needed to make a cake for a dinner last week, so I chose a new recipe – a poke cake with a pudding icing. We all have really enjoyed the leftovers (maybe a little too much!).

The planner...Steven’s birthday THIS WEEK!!!!! Where has the summer gone?

Because visuals are fun...Last time we were in Little Rock we browsed through the mall just for the fun of it. Actually, we did it because we needed to kill a few minutes and the kids felt like riding on escalators. Smile Anyway, we walked by the Build-a-Bear store and saw their newest addition – Hello Kitty. Lots and lots and lots of Hello Kitty! Wonder what Angie’s going to be saving up for next…


Yes, all of these accessories have something to do with Hello Kitty.  And that wasn’t even all of it. Wow.



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