I love how things just “happen” to fall together.

I had no idea that we would be starting Olivia’s China unit about the time that the Olympics began. Even if I had known, I wouldn’t have really made any mental connection. But, connection existed.

Part of our history study for the China unit is a biography of Eric Liddell. His fame as an Olympian who refused to run on Sunday is portrayed in the movie Chariots of Fire. But his heart was given to service as a second generation missionary to China. We read the first few chapters of his biography, including the story of his 1924 Olympic challenges and victories, as the current Olympics were about to begin. Naturally, Olivia’s already existent curiosity about the Olympics quadrupled as we read Eric Liddell’s story!

So, Friday night we gathered to watch the Opening Ceremony.

We started with a picnic supper of pizza and popcorn.


Then the kids decorated dessert – a giant iced sugar cookie. I traced the Olympic rings onto the icing and set a picture up so the kids could see which colors went where.


Then they used M&M’s to create the rings.



They tired out long before USA paraded in, thanks to the lengthy opening show. But, we all enjoyed a couple of hours of Olympic fun – and will continue to do so throughout the games. Olivia’s anxious to watch some track & field, even though the event has changed greatly since Eric Liddell ran 86 years ago!


Love the giant cookie!

Gee, I'm a grown-up and I tired out before opening ceremonies were done! Still fun, though.

Choate Family said…
How fun is that!?! I love it when "real life" and school go hand in hand :-)

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