Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, August 27, 2012

In the great outdoors...beautiful, billowy clouds. It’s a warm, muggy day, but those clouds are just breath-taking!

A heart of thanksgiving...for precious friends who pray, even when they don’t know exactly what they’re praying for.

A heart of prayer...for teachers and students, whether public, private, or in the home.

Random observations...Did I really not post at all last week? Not at all? I guess it was a busy week, and I did have some extra school prep that needed to be done. Beside, I got to really dig in and utilize the brand new My Well Planned Day software. Can I just say OH MY GOODNESS!!! It’s amazing! It will take a lot to wrench the My Well Planned Day paper planner from my hands, but once all of the print functions are in place in the software, the software might come close to succeeding. Anyway, no matter how awesome a new system is, whether digital or otherwise, it takes some effort to set it up and personalize it. So, that’s what I spent a good bit of time on last week. And I had so much fun! Yes, so much fun that I didn’t even manage to put a single post on here. That’s what I call fun.

Thoughts from the kitchen...are pretty dull this week. I really need to shake up the menu and infuse some excitement back into it.

On my bookshelf...a very atypical book for me. It’s entitled Peril and is a suspense thriller. Being much more of a romantic historical fiction kind of gal, I’m really surprised by how I just don’t want to put this book down. But my more typical fiction is next in a two-book volume entitled Forever Hilltop.

Projects...same old stuff. I didn’t get any sewing done last week. I have one week left to make Angie’s birthday present!

Sounds of the In fact, the Star Wars theme just popped up in iTunes, following a Rob Thomas song with something country before that. Looking ahead, I see Keith Urban, FFH, Watermark, Phil Collins, Third Day, Veggie Tales, Brad Paisley, and Downhere coming up. Wow. Nothing like iTunes to show how bizarre our musical tastes are!

Last week we learned...that we love school, but we also love breaks.

A favorite thing from last week...a sweet note from Angie thanking me for homeschooling her. Smile

The at-home week, other than the typical church activities – ladies Bible study tomorrow night and church Wednesday night. We’ve enjoyed having an entire month with very few abnormal obligations. Fall is coming, though, and that’s about to change.

Because visuals are fun…a picture I ran across recently. This was nearly five years ago. Time flies!Going for a walk (11-18)


That's an adorable photo! Glad you've been having fun with your school prep... me too!


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