Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, August 13, 2012

In the great outdoors...rain!!!! We awoke to thunder around 5:00, and have been enjoying the rain since then (it’s about 8:45 now and just stopped coming down).
In other “great outdoors” news, we have had absolutely marvelous temperatures! The kids actually were chilly at Steven’s pool party Friday night, and the grownups all stayed out of the pool – we didn’t have to be in the water to comfortably visit because the late afternoon was so pleasant. We’ve had highs in the 80’s and lows in the 60’s since Friday. What delight! We even got to walk to church yesterday. In August!

A heart of thanksgiving...for the break in the heat and for the rain. For our last week of school before a week off – and before the kids “promote” to their new grades. For friends’ good reports from doctors. For a husband who loves being with me as much as I love being with him.

A heart of prayer...for the crops in this morning’s storm – especially the rice. When rice is mature, the heads are very heavy. A wind like we’ve had with this morning’s storm can cause the rice to fall (referred to as “downed” rice). It’s a mess to try to harvest. So, I’m praying for the rice to stay up!

Random observations...I got to pull a blanket around my shoulders this morning while I had my quiet time and watched the rain (well, what I could see of it, anyway, since it stayed so dark outside!). I didn’t have to have it – it wasn’t so much that I was actually cold. It was more that I could have it and enjoy it.

Thoughts from the kitchen...I have no idea. Doug made a yummy breakfast for our rainy morning. Trying to decide what I can do to liven up lunch.

On my bookshelf...some election books for school and still reading The Bible in World History. Starting next week, I’ll be back on a fiction round for a month or so. I know – rough life, being forced to read fiction for “work.” Smile

Projects...Angela’s “cave” curtains and the kids pouches. The curtains will be a breeze. The pouches are a little more intimidating because I still don’t know exactly how I’m going to make them.

Sounds of the moment...the last remnants of thunder. Steven tapping his pencil on the floor, talking to the cat, and giggling. I love that boy.

Last week we learned...about Pharaohs (Angela & Steven) and China (Olivia); fish (A&S) and the ear (O).

A favorite thing from last week...celebrating Steven’s birthday in a very, very relaxed manner. It was so good to just rest on Friday.

The planner...home again this week. August is definitely shaping up to be a good month to just be instead of going like we have had to do several months this year.

Because visuals are fun...nothing today, but later this week I’ll have pictures of Steven’s birthday and of our trip to learn about hummingbirds.


Glad for your rain! And it sounds like a lovely week :D


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