Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Wednesday, November 12, 2012

In the great outdoors...stubborn leaves clinging to the trees after Sunday night’s wind and storms. The delightful chill of fall. When I was out on Monday, I saw fog in the ditches where the ground was giving up its heat. Such beauty!

Within our four walls...reorganization chaos. Doug and I are in the process of slowly purging and reorganizing in the kitchen.

A heart of thanksgiving...for the fireplace. I just put on the last log for the day – we’ll be letting the fire go out as the temps warm up this afternoon. But oh how I’ve enjoyed doing school in front of it the past couple of days!

A heart of prayer...for families in need of peace as the holidays rapidly approach.

Random observations...I really intended to type this up yesterday. I’m not sure what happened to my day yesterday! I seemed to walk through it in a fog. It’s nice to be a little more clear-headed today!

My silly children...have been helping their stuffies play hide-and-seek. We’ve found them in some interesting locations, as occasionally certain ones simply get left when children are called for chores, school, a meal, etc.

Thoughts from the’s hard to cook when the counters are covered in what should be in the cabinets!

On my bookshelf...Dawn of a Thousand Nights by Tricia Goyer is the current review book, followed by Night Song, also by Tricia, and then a YA fantasy fiction novel entitled Giants in the Land. Olivia enjoys fantasy fiction, but it’s such a wide-open genre. So, I’ve been trying to read along with her to know when we need to discuss certain aspects of it. It helps that several YA fantasy authors have contacted our review team with review requests! I have enjoyed the genre more than I expected!

Projects...need I say anything? We are making good progress on gifts, and it’s been enjoyable and not stressful so far. Hopefully that will continue to be the trend!

Sounds of the moment...crackling fire and the tapping of keys. Such a peaceful moment!

Last week we learned...mostly a continuation of what I shared last week.

A favorite thing from last week...seeing the resilience of our children as we closed out the second week of an “off” schedule and late nights. They love routine as much as Doug and I do, but they also handle routine disruptions very well. I’m proud of them!

The planner...routine! Church tonight, art class for Olivia tomorrow (did I mention she does have class after all? She was glad, and I’m glad for her.), and a free weekend leading into another full week off school. We’ll have only squeezed in two weeks of school between the weeks off for convention and Thanksgiving, but convention week wasn’t a restful break. We’re looking forward to next week!

Because visuals are fun...this sight greeted me as I entered the kitchen after my shower yesterday morning. Apparently, this is the hiding place Panda found for hide-and-seek.100_0604

As each animal was found, it progressed to the living room where they all gathered for a picnic.



Isn't it great when your kids are confident and secure enough to adapt to changes in routine like that? :D

Oh, a fire in the fireplace sounds wonderful!


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