It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the election did not turn out like I’d hoped. I can’t say it didn’t turn out like I expected, but I did have hope. I’m still smiling today, though, because God has shown His presence so beautifully this week!

My sweet baby boy is becoming very spiritually aware. He is beginning to grasp the concept of God’s grace and his need for it. He is beginning to see himself as a sinner, and an understanding of what that means is dawning in his mind. Our discussions have been going on for several months, but this week they have been deeper and there has been a much greater evidence of awareness. I love watching the Holy Spirit awaken the heart of any child, but words cannot express how wonderful it is to see it in my own dear child!

God never stops working. I pray I grow less and less distracted by the things of this world so I can see His handiwork more and more clearly.


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