Things That Make Me Smile

Steven headed outside to enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. A few minutes ago, he came in and asked us to come outside and enjoy the sunset with him. I love, love, love that he notices beauty around him! I wish I had made a note of what he noticed a week or so ago. We were heading to the car, and he commented on the beauty of something. It just made my heart sing with pride. All boy with an eye trained to observe beauty.

Meanwhile, Doug stayed outside to throw a football around with him for a few minutes. Angie came in a few minutes after I did. Her statement? “It’s hard to catch a football when you have one hand holding up your skirts!” (She is in her 1850’s dress-up dress today.) Yes, child, it definitely is. That might be why prissy girls don’t play football!


Choate Family said…
Those things made me smile, too :-) So glad you are recording them to remember for later!

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