I’m not sure you were aware of this, but my children are downright SILLY! Need proof? I’ve got it! Check out these little glimpses from the past month.

Daddy’s trench coat and hat are just a little bit. But that doesn’t stop Angela!

Silly 1

Cowboy Steven with the jump rope lasso.

Silly 4

And cowboy Steven ready for bed. Yeah.

Silly 3

Olivia celebrating the first day of truly chilly weather and making sure to be a good fan all at the same time. The Razorback pants and red shirt are pretty obvious. The hat, gloves, and vest are purple and gold for the Ouachita Tigers. I think they experienced their first loss of the season that day. Hmmmmm…

Silly 2

Angie & Steven were a little more tame that day. They gave their Hog shirts a rest and went all OBU. They were delighted to pull out the “toe socks” though!

Silly 5

One thing’s for sure – they keep me laughing! (And a bit scared, too.)


Choate Family said…
No wonder our families get along so well :-)

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