The Trials of Motherhood

Well, it’s been one of those weeks. Not even a Not Quite Ordinary Observations post! But, I have to take a few minutes to share this one.

Yesterday we were in the car, and Doug opened the between-seat storage compartment to reveal our stash of M&Ms. You know – the necessary stash for those moments when you just need a little touch of sweet. Okay, so not sweet. Chocolate. Let’s just be honest here.


The options on this occasion were peanut butter (Doug’s preference) or dark chocolate (my preference, although I love the peanut butter too).

I thought I’d be a nice mama (and wife) and give the kids an option instead of just handing out the peanut butter M&Ms that I expected at least two of them to choose.

I was in for a big surprise.

There was no hesitation.

Not even the briefest pause.

“Dark chocolate!” came the immediate response.

My jaw dropped and Doug laughed and laughed. And laughed some more.

Even Steven, my peanut butter-aholic, didn’t hesitate. Not for a second.

Why, oh why, do I encourage my children to try the good stuff? Why do I set myself up to have to share? Why?

I’m now off to hide the rest of my dark chocolate!


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