We Got To!

How many times do we get excited because we get to serve?

Our plan for yesterday was for the whole family to spend much of the afternoon finishing up some work around the church, little tidying tasks leftover from a work day on Monday. Then we’d finish the evening by prepping the dinner for our association’s executive board meeting, held at our church this time around.

But I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a bus, lacking the energy to do much of anything that required me being up off the couch.

So, Doug and the kids went up to the church without me.

As the evening meal was ending and the meeting was getting started, I drove up to the church to pick up the kids and bring them home. They started sharing about the afternoon and evening, and they excitedly said, “We got to serve the meal tonight!”

We got to…

They were so excited because they were given the privilege of standing behind the food table and placing food on people’s plates. It was such an honor for them.

This is not a first, but every time it happens, it humbles me. Am I ever even half so happy to serve?

May they always have this heart. May it bleed over into all aspects of life. And may I learn from it, becoming more like Christ because of the Christ-like example I see in my children.


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