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I was thinking the other day – a dangerous past-time, I know – and an interesting thought popped into my head.

I haven’t blogged regularly about the daily life of our family in quite a while. Back in 2008, I published 208 posts. Sometimes just to share that a recipe we’d tried worked out or to post about a special blessing. Sweet memories.

Then came last year. 68 posts. Really? That’s sad.

My first thought was work. And, yes, having a “real” job, even a part-time one with no commute, has made a difference. It’s an incredible job, but it also consumes a good portion of my creativity – creativity I used to pour into things like this blog or sewing or playing with pictures.

But I’m realizing there’s another factor.

Looking back at those old posts, I always had something to write because I was always involved in nearly every moment of my kids’ lives. If I did other things, it was because they were napping or playing close to me. Or because I was working on housework since they weren’t really old enough to help at the time.

Now they’re so stinkin’ independent.

Wait…isn’t that what I wanted? Haven’t I been training them to grow in independence? Isn’t that the goal?

Well, yes. But, there’s a price. And the price is that I’m not actively involved in every precious thing they do these days.

That doesn’t automatically mean I’m missing everything. They still come and get me when there’s a pretty sunset. They bring me their fun creations and tell me about their leaf forts in the backyard. I still know about it all. And there are still times I share the fun with them. But I’m not right in the middle of it all the time anymore.

And it’s a good thing. Really it is. It’s the natural progression of growth.

It’s just different. And I haven’t made the adjustment in my blogging.

But now I know what the problem is. Now I can face the problem with full awareness. And that excites me.

This blog is my family diary. And I’m looking forward to seeing what the new style of entries will hold in 2015.


Doug Hibbard said…
We need chickens. That would give us something to blog about.

Why do they call it a chicken coop?

Because it has two doors. If it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I can just see the Jack chasing chickens in the back yard and Olivia and Angie plucking dead chickens for you to cook. And the Steven shoveling up chicken manure. Yep, that will give you something to blog about!!!! :-)
Yes, Anne, I've felt the same way about the kids being more independent and not being involved in every detail. Bittersweet, but mostly sweet :D


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