Thursday Mornings

Thursday mornings are a little blah. The energy is gone, but there are still two more school/work days.

So, to help lighten at least my mood a bit before heading into school, I figured I’d try to think of funny things from the week.

Like, the kids using stuffies as hat props while we were at the Baptist Building on Tuesday.

2015-01-13 08.51.172015-01-13 09.09.05

Or Angie’s birthday present to Doug…a comic book entitled “The Doctor Dalek.” Now, for those of you not privileged to know the ins and outs of Doctor Who, the Daleks are an alien race that just so happen to also be the archenemies of our hero the Doctor. But Angie is convinced that there have to be good, sweet Daleks out there somewhere – even if only in her own imagination. So, she writes stories about them. Complete with great illustrations. Love it!

Then there’s Steven’s statement about talents. Angie writes and draws. Olivia writes. Steven? He builds with blocks. He shared all of the cool things he made with blocks last night, all of which had something to do with Lord of the Rings.

Speaking of Olivia’s writing…yesterday I looked over a paragraph she’d written for language arts the day before. It was really good. So, I teasingly asked her what book she copied it from. Later she came back and laughingly said, “I’ll give you $10 if you can find the book I copied from!” Goofy girl. Of course, if I had any doubts before (which I didn’t), they would all have flown away then because she’s hoarding every penny to pay for a ring she has on layaway.

And with those chuckles firmly placed in my head, I’m off to round up the hoodlums precious children to get school started!


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