An Excited Child!

Steven has always loved Legos. Several years ago, he decided he wanted to eventually get into Lego Mindstorms, the robotics side of Lego. So, he started saving.

He has been saving for a long time. That’s a huge deal for anyone, but it’s really huge for a 7-10 year old. In the meantime, there were several other things he desired as well. He bought his own new bike when he’d outgrown his old one. He purchased a couple of step-up Lego kits, including a mechanized airplane, to try to help prepare his skill level for the more advanced nature of the robotics.

Even with all of that, he tallied up his money after Christmas and a recent job, and figured he was only $50-75 away from his goal. But then his daddy went hunting in warehouse deals on Amazon, and voila – a kit that fit into the amount Steven had saved up was available!

It wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Feb 8.

Then Doug got a shipping notification on Thursday. It would be here Saturday! We didn’t say a word until the mailman showed up.

Do you think maybe he was a bit excited?

I’m SO incredibly proud of this kid. Lego Education is truly a wide open program with so many benefits that move far beyond the standard "cool kit!" concept. Even with this starter Mindstorms kit, Steven has so many options for learning and exploring. So, this is a huge investment, and I’m excited about what he will learn as he programs, reprograms, builds, rebuilds, and explores his new robot. Who knows where this could lead him?


NWB said…
can't wait to see the finished product!

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