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When we lived in Almyra, one of our precious, precious church members gave Olivia piano lessons. Olivia loved those lessons and loved Mrs. Joyce. When we moved to Little Rock, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to find a new piano teacher because she missed Mrs. Joyce!

But, we looked anyway, mainly because piano was such a relaxing thing for Olivia. Sadly, nothing ever seemed to work out. Every lead we got was too expensive or did not work with our schedule or was too far of a drive to fit with what we could work out.

Then I saw a Facebook ad.

I’ll be honest – I normally don’t click on Facebook ads. But, this one said, “Online piano lessons for only $2.95 per lesson!” I thought, That’s too good to be true.

I was wrong.

I clicked the link and found Busy Kids Do Piano.

A pastor’s wife. Piano teacher. Busy mom. Someone who gives piano lessons in her home. Someone who takes her kids to their various activities. Someone who knows how hard it can be to get your kids to piano lessons, much less pay for them. Someone who decided that she wanted to offer affordable piano lessons to families who weren’t near her but couldn’t, for whatever reason, work out the details of piano lessons any other way.

Families like ours.

I paid for one level. Then she offered a lifetime membership. I paid for that. And now, every level and bonus lesson she adds is ours to use whenever and however we please.

The kids started at the very beginning and have been speed-processing through reviews to make sure all three of them are developing good habits and correcting bad ones. Now, they’ve all just about reached their skill level and are ready to slow down and spend a few days on each lesson, honing their skills. They are combining the Busy Kids lessons with the Bastien books we’ve had all along. But the books aren’t necessary – they are just adding a bit of variation to the theory and music options, reinforcing the lessons.

The most beautiful part, though, is not that we’re getting piano lessons. You see, Olivia had lost her delight in the piano. It was no longer relaxing because she was no longer advancing. She’d kind of given it up. But, after starting these lessons, even though she still had not reached a challenge point yet, I began to see the love return. Suddenly, I’d find her sitting at the piano just for the pure pleasure of it. I saw her playing around and creating again.

That was worth every penny!

We’d been praying for a solution, and God had it ready for us. It wasn’t what we expected, but it fits perfectly with where we are.

I love it when He does that!


NWB said…
I'm soooooo happy!
Glad that's working gout for you all! Hurray for the joy of music!

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