I used to think I had no creativity. Oh, I could follow a pattern, but there are others who can just see design and décor and make it happen! I’m not one of those.

Being a parent, though, has shown me just how many facets there are to creativity. First, I see in myself the various ways I am forced to think outside the box, whether in homeschooling, budgeting, helping the children problem solve, or whatever else. Yes, creativity takes many forms.

Then I look at my children, and I am continually in awe of the creativity. It is so much fun to watch it blossom and grow in each of them. It is neat to see how maturity changes their creativity.

The Poet

Olivia’s creativity shines through in many ways, but none so tangible as the written word. I am still astounded by this. The child who despised writing – who told me she would never understand how I could sit down and write for fun and relaxation – now unwinds best through writing.

Lately, it has been poetry, ranging from silly and frivolous to deep and meaningful.

You can see for yourself on her blog, Creative Olivia.

The Seamstress

Angela loves to create through thread and material, with the occasional paper craft thrown into the mix. Machine sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, origami…most recently, she’s learning to tat.

Lately, she has enjoyed making a variety of knit and crocheted Christmas gifts.

2016-12-15 15.04.03

After making Steven’s wolf hat for Christmas, she decided she and Olivia needed hats, too. Olivia’s has constellations on it, and Angie’s is a cat.

2017-01-01 16.21.25

The Architect

Steven is still learning to match his creativity with skill, but his skill is definitely growing! Lately, he surprised us with a couple of neat things. One was a game, complete with a cannon and targets. I thought I had a picture, but I can’t find it.

So, instead, I’ll show the napkin holders. We were surprised one day with these on the table.

2016-12-30 12.39.37

Steven chose designs fitting for each family member. He made a t-rex for himself…

2016-12-30 12.40.05

…and mine is a flower.

2016-12-30 12.40.25

The angle is not perfect on Olivia’s, but hers is a computer on a desk, honoring her writing.

2016-12-30 12.39.43

Angie’s is a sewing machine.

2016-12-30 12.39.57

Doug’s is a skillet on top of a burner.

2016-12-30 12.40.30

He loves making airplanes, spaceships, and ships. It has been neat to see his creations mature!


Choate Family said…
What a beautiful post honoring your children! You do a great job as a mama to give them freedom and encouragement to hone their creativity :-)

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