Snow Day

So, it wasn’t much. But, here in Arkansas where we can’t be sure that any snow will fall, we get excited about even a dusting. There were no snowmen this time around, and temperatures in the 20’s meant that we preferred to enjoy the sight of it from within our nice, warm house. But, the kids did get out for just a little while.

2017-01-06 09.35.25

2017-01-06 10.37.40

Steven was excited to see whether or not Cookie would enjoy the snow. He seemed to like it!

2017-01-06 09.33.45

Of course, he likes anything as long as someone throws a ball or a frisbee for him!

2017-01-06 10.37.59

We still hope for a nice, deep snow before the winter ends, but we definitely enjoyed this one! But for now, it’s back up to the 60’s with rain and t-storms! That’s winter in Arkansas for you!


It's so pretty when it snows - glad you got some! Looks like the kids had fun :D

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