Game Time!

We enjoy strategy games in our household. Steven has been wanting Risk for a while. He got some Christmas money, but he’s been saving up for a Lego Robotics set, so he wasn’t sure he wanted to spend his Christmas money. Then, he realized he had a TON of loose change. So, instead of adding that to his savings total, he used it to buy Risk.

Warning: There are some vicious conquerors in this house. And sometimes they gang up on you! Ouch!

2017-01-13 16.03.48

My earliest experience with strategy games was a game called Targui. Only 10,000 units of this game were ever produced, so it is quite rare. Getting ahold of a collector’s edition now will start at $100 and quickly jump up from there.


For Christmas, though, Mom and Dad surprised my siblings and I with a copy of the rules and a homemade board, complete with beads and handmade cards, so we could play this game from our childhood! I’m looking forward to it!


How wonderful of your folks to re-create the game! Fun family times :D

Our church has a monthly game night/potluck for all ages. The potluck often has a theme - Mexican, comfort food, Asian, anything-but-turkey (after Thanksgiving) - and people bring board games to play or just visit :D It's one of my favorite chapel traditions.

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