Not Quite Ordinary Observations

Something about Today…Tuesday, January 10, 2017

As the sky started lightening this morning, it was completely purple in a way we have never seen before. It is completely overcast, and all of the clouds were a beautiful, solid purple hue. Gorgeous! I love how God brings beauty even into the glum. It’s just a solid gray out there now, but the purple is still in our minds.

Something about the Week

We have something nearly every day this week. It’s just one of those weeks! But, we’re trying to keep our routine going. The neat thing is that we’re all learning to build a routine instead of a schedule. In a set of reports for her health course, Olivia talked about using flowcharts instead of schedule blocks. Great idea!

Something I Have Observed

So many things are easier when we stay in the habit of doing them. Reading. Writing. Eating well (or poorly!). Exercising. Prayer. Planning. I want to keep good habits!

Something I Have Read or Heard

I have a quote – or two, actually – from my hubby this week in a recent blog post: “Heaped Obstacles: Joshua 3

“Joshua 3:1, first, has a simple point that is valuable. The people of Israel come to the brink of the river and lodge there. As in, they stop to rest. Rest is not just for the lazy, it is a critical need for people. Get your rest.”

and a bit later… “[L]et us look at our practices in preparation for the work of God. First, of course, is the idea of getting some rest mentioned above. This one is not merely a physical constraint. It’s a commandment. Rest.”

Something on My Mind

Friends who are grieving.

Something I’m Thankful for

The beautiful sunshine we had yesterday morning. The promise of rain. I need sunshine, but oh how I love rain!

Something about My Kids

Typically, Mondays are absolutely crazy. There seems to be a need for release after Sunday, and it manifests itself in utter craziness. This is why we begin our Mondays with spatial reasoning puzzles instead of diving straight into school work. But, the past two Mondays, we had no more than the usual amount of silliness. Last week, I attributed it to having been on vacation and not having the full slate of Sunday activities. But I have no explanation for yesterday. It was so…peaceful!

I like the peace, but I also like that my kids have the freedom to be goofy on a Monday morning, even in school. It’s definitely a constructive way to release any tension that might have built up before diving into the school week.

cats and goofiness (the solitary glimpse of the goofy side)

2017-01-09 11.53.57


2017-01-09 11.54.15

diligence…and so big!

2017-01-09 11.54.22

Something I’m Working on

Learning how to bind my own hardcover book. The first attempt was fun, but I definitely see ways to improve. Second attempt coming soon!

I’m also building a booklist for this year on Goodreads, trying to get back to learning German, and working on a way to get ahead on writing to make room for bigger writing goals and an annual paid project coming up next month.

Something from Hibbard Academy

I am absolutely amazed by the week we had last week! When I asked the kids for praises yesterday morning, all three of them said, “The way last week went so smoothly!” I was astounded. The first week after a long break has never gone this well, and I am so thankful. Over Christmas break, we had all discussed ways to make the days run more smoothly, and those little tweaks seem to be working!

Something That Makes Me Smile

Watching the cats bat at each other. It’s really quite funny. Interestingly enough, Smokey is finally starting to show signs of playing with Rose instead of fighting with her. She’s still annoyed with the energetic newcomer, but less than she used to be.

Something Coming

A meeting tomorrow, a women’s ministry round table Thursday, some weekend activities, and finally getting to have the Browning Christmas gathering next Monday.


Hurray for tweaking and the week going smoothly, and good for you, for knowing what Monday morning needs to be for your family :D Miss you!

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