Celebrating Doug

I promised my wonderful hubby I wouldn't post a whole bunch of pictures like I do with the kids, but I can't let today go by without sharing a celebration of him.

Every year as January 14 rolls around I am reminded how thankful I am that God created my amazing husband.  When I see the way Doug and I fit together so beautifully, I am in awe of how God orchestrates life and relationships.  Doug is not the man I always dreamed of marrying, but only because my dreams were too small.

Doug loves his home and family in a way that melts my heart.  He has a perfect sense of humor, at least for my tastes.  He's incredibly intelligent and is able to share his wealth of knowledge in a way that draws in his audience. 

Over the years I have seen his interests grow and develop.  He's an avid reader and learner, always looking for ways to grow and better himself.  He has always enjoyed cooking, but in recent years he has learned so much about combining flavors and trying new things.  His prowess in the kitchen is a delight to the whole family! 

There are times when his passions are stirred and excitement is built.  There are times of discouragement when all seems to be falling apart.  But through it all, there is an image of growth.  A growth of those passions.  A growth of determination.  A growth of faith and trust.  A growth in his relationship with the Lord. 

Despite the things I have written, the words to describe how I truly feel about this amazing man seem to be failing me. 

So, I will simply say this...

I love you, Doug!  I am more thankful for you with each passing day.  Happy Birthday!


Choate Family said…
Happy birthday, Doug!
The Choates
Happy Birthday, Doug :0)

What a wonderful tribute.

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