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For today, January 25, 2009
Outside my window...a clear blue sky, wind blowing steadily through the trees, more of a chill in the air than of late.

I am thinking...many things – about living my life intentionally, getting our routine firmly back in place, how to prioritize the to-do list, especially since most of it must be done today, how to organize some activities and trips that need to fill the coming month, etc.

I am thankful for...God's provision. He reminds us over and over and over again that He provides beautifully and in prefect timing when we wait on Him.

From the learning rooms...continuing with the build-up to the Revolutionary War, finishing Johnny Tremain (watching the movie this weekend once the book is done), Paul Revere, insects, and hopefully finishing the body of the great white shark report so we can polish it and finish it out by next week.

From the kitchen...we made homemade root beer over the weekend. The first bottle we tried wasn't carbonated enough, but the flavor was good. We look forward to trying the remaining bottles to see how they come out! We also made our tortillas on Saturday and worked out our menu planning for the next five weeks. I'll be sharing a few new recipes soon!

I am wearing...jeans and burgundy knit top. (Can you tell knit tops are common in my wardrobe?)

I am creating...absolutely nothing, and it's annoying me. Need to get back to it soon!

I am be more diligent in the schedule this week.

I am reading...Tea with Hezbollah and Mr. Revere and I. The latter is definitely the more enjoyable of the two!

I am hoping...for a chance to meet my new niece soon, and for the details to work out for visits with my folks while they're in the country.

I am hearing...children playing happily during their lunch break, the dishes clanking in the dishwasher, and the blower fan on the fireplace insert – and am reminded how thankful I am for all of the above!

Pondering these words...The presence of God's Spirit in your life takes away the frustrated soul-thirst and turns you into a fountain where others can find life. ~John Piper

Around the house...laundry that needs to be tended and projects that are awaiting my attention.

One of my favorite things...sunshine!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Upward practice and game (five more of each!), school, possibly a trip to Monroe this weekend.

A picture worth sharing...nothing today, but hopefully will have a chance to post lots of pictures through the course of this week!


Hope you get your hands on your new niece soon!

Enjoy the revolution... my boys certainly are,

Choate Family said…
LOVE the John Piper quote and can't wait to take a peek at your recipes!

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