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For today, January 4, 2010
Outside my window...a very cold, cloudy Monday. This morning we were blessed to see those clouds produce some snow flurries! Nothing stuck, but to actually have snow falling was a treat!

I am amazing it is that just rearranging wood a little bit can take a fire from just glowing coals to blazing fire. Fascinating!

I am thankful who have coped well with a voiceless mommy this morning – and the gradual return of that voice. Also, a nice, big pile of firewood in the carport.

From the learning rooms...Benjamin Franklin, Johnny Tremain, and political unrest in the colonies; sea and ocean life; Olivia - finishing up research on great white sharks and working on an outline for the research project, division, fractional equivalents; Angela – subtraction; Steven – recognition of #'s 6-9 and strengthening recognition of 1-5 and 10.

From the kitchen...nothing fantastic this week other than getting solidly back to following the menu plan.

I am wearing...jeans, maroon knit pullover, heavy cream-colored cardigan, brown clogs.

I am creating...nothing. I'm taking a break. I'm sure it won't last long – I do have a list!

I am coach Angela's Upward Basketball team, first practice tonight. And, for the record, no, I do not know anything at all about basketball.

I am books and the Upward coach's playbook, but I am hoping to get back to “real” reading soon.

I am hoping...for more snow this week.

I am hearing...playing children, including a newly awakened Steven.

Around the house...”normal” family decorations in their place for the first time in this house, now that Christmas decorations are put away.

One of my favorite things...the blessing of a fireplace.

A few plans for the rest of the week: working the kinks out of our new schedule; dessert night for the first time in three weeks; taking inventory of new projects that need to be taken care of.


Good to see you back :0)

And good for you for coaching! My boys play soccer and the competitive level goes up so fast I never felt able to help with the coaching... instead, I'm the mom that manages the schedule, the emails, and the snacks.

Choate Family said…
It's so fun catching up on your blog. Praying for you as you coach those sweet girls.

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