Every now and then...

...there are just some miscellaneous tidbits that must be shared! 

For example...

Doug and I have discovered the new perfect disciplinary method for the girls.  Are you ready for this?  All we have to do is threaten to make them eat store bought bread or tortillas!!  You would think we were torturing them!  We started making our own because it really isn't that hard and it does save money, especially considering we really like honey wheat bread, which is one of the more expensive loaves.  But, there are times when for whatever reason I just don't have time to make bread.  When that happens, the girls tell me they'll just eat crackers and wait for me to have the chance to make bread.  Yesterday we threatened to buy tortillas.  Yep, end of the world.  So, I told them that they had to have their room and the study (where the toys are stored) cleaned up by a certain time so they could help with the tortillas or we were going to go buy them.  I probably should buy a loaf of bread and keep it in the freezer just so I can make good on the threat if I ever need to!

Meanwhile, Olivia apparently isn't the only one with the crush.  This morning we were waiting for Olivia's basketball game to start and in walked some friends from church.  Steven noticed them walk in the door, exclaimed, "There's Riley!" and was off like bullet!  He raced up to her, said hi, and then raced off.  He complained later because she didn't say hi back.  I tried to explain to him that he had to wait around for at least a second or two if he wanted someone to say hi back!  He adores Riley.  There are a couple of other sporadically attending kids at church who are closer to his age, but she's the only consistent one.  They are definitely sweet playmates.

Oh, and Upward!  Today was our second game day.  It was the first time I've gotten to watch Olivia at all.  Our two teams practice at the same time, so I can never watch her practices.  And, last week's games were at the same time.  This week, though, her game was at 8:00 and ours was at 10:00, so we got to watch her.  I was very proud of her.  She inherited my coordination (or lack thereof), and she frequently dwells in a place we lovingly call Livie-land.  But, today she really worked hard to pay attention, and even made a defensive play!  She showed that she truly is learning.  I'm so proud of her!

I'm proud of our team, too.  Last week's game was pretty wild, considering we only had two practices before the first game and considering there were several concepts I had to try to throw at them during the game.  So much to remember!  So, we talked through those new concepts in this week's practice and worked on a few more skills (like defense and shooting - yeah, just a little essential).  The best test of whether or not they're getting the skills definitely shows up on the court.  I really saw improvement this week.  They really did learn!  I'm so proud of them! 

Angie, specifically, prissed across the court last week.  For those of you who know her, I'm sure that comes as no surprise!  This week, though, she really got in the game.  She's still scared of the ball, and she still doesn't do much with it.  But, she actually ran up and down the court instead of just standing there as an on-court spectator, and she got into the defense - especially when she was paired up with a boy from the other team who she knew.  I think that helped her shyness a bit.  There are four KG-1 teams.  I think she might be the only girl on all four teams.  So, she's hanging in there pretty well! 

Meanwhile, Steven has been a jewel.  He gets restless at times, but he's really been willing to sit and watch and let Doug help me coach.  I'm so proud of my little boy! 


Mandy said…
Oh Upward sounds like so much fun! I am praying that we can get in on it next year. We thought Clayton would be switched to CID already to allow it this time, but no.. we are still waiting. It sounds like the girls are really coming into their own on the court! :)

I am laughing so much at the threats of store bought breads!!! lol! What a great way to discipline!!
What good... and FUNNY... news!

Glad b'ball is going so well :0)


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