First Crush

Yes, we all know it happens - that first crush. 

I don't know that Olivia even knows to call it a crush because my girls haven't really discovered the "joy" of giggling and talking about boys yet.  And I'm not about to add unnecessary information to the situation!  All she knows is that this is a friend she really likes to be around - and who likes being around her, sweetly enough.  And, there is a natural recognition that friendships with boys are different from friendships with girls. 

But, as this mama watches her little girl not act quite so little anymore, I am feeling the bittersweet mix emotions of knowing that she is growing up and having the beautiful blessing of watching it happen.

And meanwhile, I'm reminded of the great responsibility upon me to continually pray over her and to train her up in the ways of the Lord!


Beth said…
Ahhh...we have been through this already with Lydia!! Sometimes I thought it was sweet, but the boy who liked her felt like he needed to kiss her whenever he saw her. I'm so thankful for a Godly husband--after one good talk with her daddy, she made sure that never happened again!
Alli said…
AWE! She got a crush!
Who's this kid? Is he good looking? How old is he? Does he brush his teeth every night? Does he have a good education because no niece of mine is going to be with a good for nothing boy. :P
Tell him if he doesn't treat her right, there's an aunt who can easily make a 5 hour drive to set him straight on some things.

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