At the Airport

Well, it's been a week - I intended to get this post up on Wednesday, but managed to let Wed, Thurs, and Fri all three slip by me!  So, here it is...

Last Friday we headed back up to Little Rock to send my little sister Allison off to Jordan.  She will be doing summer missions work there before starting her senior year at Univ of Ar - Fayetteville.  Ashley and sweet little Abigail brought her to the airport, so all of us had a sweet visit.  Here's a shot of the girls...
We naturally had to take turns loving on Abigail.  It's so much fun having a baby niece/cousin!  And she's such a delight!  I wish I could live right next door and "kidnap" her every day!  She has the sweetest grins!

This is my favorite shot - are those not adorable grins?
Meanwhile, Angie and Alli enjoyed their typical silliness.  They are two peas in a pod!
(They decided to try on each other's sunglasses - keep in mind, Alli is anti-pink and Angie is all for it!)
Finally, it was time to send Alli off (and we finally got Steven in on the fun - he'd been wandering around the airport with Doug most of this time; sweet Doug let the girls and me visit).
That was the beginning of another fun family day - two days "out" in two weeks was a fun blessing!


Alli said…
Oh my gosh! I look like mom in the picture where I'm wearing Angie's glasses! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
I've been trying to deny it all these year, but now I can't! All is lost!
The truth finally dawns! :-) It's not the end of the world, sister dear. I mean, come on - you have her name, why not her looks?!
Choate Family said…
You both are beautiful! I'm thankful that you are close enough to spend time together - enjoy!
Alli said…
Bas ma basiir hayk!
Thanks, Joanna! I'm thankful too!

Alli - Hayk! :-)

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