Flexibility and Days Off

Most days structure is what our family intensely needs.  We all thrive on it and do so much better when we stick to it.  But, there are occasions when we have a desperate need for flexibility.  That's where we are this week.  Last week was a not-so-great week of school.  We had our wonderful family day on Friday, which helped, but then had a weekend of Steven being sick, the rest of us feeling rather draggy, and storms threatening to plow through our area.  Even with being home most of Sunday, we still entered this week sluggishly. 

We had a full day of school Monday and did a couple of things in school yesterday.  As of this morning, however, I am officially utilizing my authority as teacher by calling off the rest of the week of school!  We do need to finish up the last few things in our corn and bean project, but other than that, there will be no school work.

The mornings are still cool enough for outdoor play, but the afternoons are getting pretty steamy.  So, we'll have outdoor fun in the morning.  I'm sure bikes will be a big part of that fun.

I finally went out with Angie yesterday to get her started on learning to ride without training wheels.  Yes, I've been lazy - but now she has definitely outgrown the training wheel bike, so it's a necessity.  She did really well on her first day, quickly riding short distances on her own.  We'll probably go back out again this morning before it gets too hot. 

Meanwhile, Steven loves his little three-wheeler, but he's also riding Angie's old bike.  Yes, it's pink.  Yes, he will probably be getting something a little more boyish for his birthday.  But, for now a girly bike is what we have.  Fortunately he doesn't seem to mind too much! 

When May arrived, the afternoon heat hit.  So, there probably won't be much outdoor fun in the afternoons.  Who knows what kind of indoor mischief we can get into, though!  I'm sure there will be a LOT of this...
 ...just because in this family we can't seem to help it.  If we don't have a book nearby, none of us know quite what to do!  I'm so thankful for book review blogging because it has gotten me back into reading, too. 

And, just because we're talking about reading, I have to throw in this picture, too.
I walked into the girls' room the other night to tell them that book time was over and they needed to turn off the lights.  This is what I found - both of them in Angie's bed sharing a book.  They love each other so much and just love doing everything together! 

There will be a good bit of playing, too.  The kids have quite the knack for practically building a town with a combination of Legos of all sizes, Lincoln logs, and bristle blocks.  I'm sure they'll have the study floor covered in no time!

I'll probably try to get in a decent amount of writing and continue with the school planning for next year that I'm so excited about! 

This afternoon we'll get to be with Doug at church, trying our hardest not to distract him from his work!  :-)  I'm thinking about some kind of fun surprise activity for tomorrow afternoon - still working on that one.  We'll see what happens. 

Whatever comes of the rest of the week, I'm excited.  The Lord just seemed to be laying this break on my heart starting yesterday afternoon, and the more I think about it, the better it sounds.


Choate Family said…
It's so nice to be back in Honiara and to catch up with your sweet family! Enjoy your break :-)

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