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For Today...Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outside my window...the summer heat here in full swing.

I am thinking...about my to-do list.

I am thankful for...early morning (relative) coolness that allows the kids to play outside for at least a little while; a well-insulated house; functioning air conditioning and lots of fans.

I am wearing...a sleeveless black top and khaki knee-length shorts, hair up in a twist, no shoes.

I am creating...clothes for the sock doll.

I am remembering...nine years ago being huge and hot and wondering when the life-changing moment (the birth of our firstborn) would come.  Little did I know we’d be headed to the hospital the next day!

I am post my Download N Go review on Thursday.

I am reading...nothing right now; that will change by next week.

I am feel better soon.

I am hearing...the air conditioner and the fans.  Steven is napping and the girls are very quiet – either finishing school work or reading.

On my mind...friends and their needs.

From the learning rooms...back to Sonlight this week and loving every minute of it!  Introducing long division with one and reinforcing carrying with another.  Finished Lewis & Clark.  Contractions, prefixes, and suffixes.  ABC’s.  Lots of fun stuff!

Noticing that...the momentary regret I felt for not finishing school so as to have a full summer break has worn off.  In truth, we like breaks, but we like school too.  This is definitely “us”.

From the kitchen...attempts to cook well while still staying cool!  Homemade ice cream helps – last night it was French vanilla with Reese’s peanut butter cups broken up into it.  Yum!  Olivia’s birthday requests: Bunny-shaped carrot cake; pancakes, eggs, and sausage for breakfast; chicken pot pie for lunch; pretzel dogs for supper.

Around the house...enjoying the newly rearranged living room and study.  Contemplating the library, especially the need to inventory it.

One of my favorite things...peaceful afternoons followed by the family coming back together.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Olivia’s birthday celebration tomorrow; the assembling and launching of a model rocket – hoping for a Friday AM launch; a potentially uneventful weekend (the yard will probably have to be mowed) capped off by a Travelers baseball game on Sunday evening and a trip to Judsonia to see my grandparents on Monday.

A picture worth sharing...Steven loves to pick out his own clothes…

Steven's clothes


Knowing full well that I don't do well in hot weather... I'm nevertheless a bit envious of your warm days!

And home-made ice cream! Do you have a special ice cream maker? Recipes to share? The peanut-butter-cup ice cream sounds heavenly :D

And your kids are always adorable, even when they choose their own outfits ;D

Aw, thanks, Julie!

As for the heat - I think I'd be the same way if it were still cold here. If it would just stay in the low 80's...

We have a Cuisinart frozen yogurt/sorbet/ice cream maker that we found 50% off a couple of months ago. You freeze the bowl (we just store ours in the deep freezer so it's always ready for us) and the cold of the bowl itself - combined with the turning of the machine it sits in - freezes the ice cream. No ice or rock salt or cranking. The actual freezing takes about 30 minutes, and you can add things like the Reese's in the last five minutes of freezing. It's SOOOO easy, and the ice cream usually comes out so creamy. We got a Ben & Jerry's recipe book, but all we've made from it is the French vanilla - we've just added in different fillers.
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